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The podcast that explores change that works and the people who make it happen. Hosted by Certified and Experienced Change Practitioner Petro du Pisani.

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Tom And Change On Change

These are the show notes for the podcast On Change, which explores change that works and the people who make it happen.

Episode 01

I recently spoke to Tom Marsicano, owner and co-founder of change management consultancy And Change. Tom trained me to be a certified change practitioner, and I was part of the first group of Experienced Change Practitioners in Africa qualified through Prosci, of which And Change is an affiliate. I’ve known Tom for years and we’ve been looking for ways to collaborate and share our thinking on Change Management.

In this podcast we explore how deploying change in a production environment like in the Mining - or Manufacturing industries is different from deploying it in a more formal environment such as IT or Finance.

Here are Tom’s notes from the show. 

In the Rapid Fire round Tom mentioned the book CEO Ghandi

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